potting training- sigh…

Potting training-

– i used to be the master

– i used to give out advice on how to potty train your child

– i used to potty train 18 kids a year

-i used to have rewards

-i used to be excited about it

-i used to be awesome

-i used to be…

Then i had my own kids-

-now i am lazy

-now i am forgetful

-now i say there are treats when i really haven’t any (bad i know)

-now i need advice

-now i don’t have the patience

-now i suck



-one more sigh…

I am really going to start trying because i am very tired of all those stinking diapers!!!  I have put this post up so that i can write another post when i get Kai peeing in the pot.  Yesh.  I hope this happens soon.

peace out



About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

2 responses to “potting training- sigh…”

  1. Camille says :

    Oh Delee….you make me laugh!!! By the way…chocolate chips make great potty rewards…and a big bag of skittles 🙂
    Just think…you could do a 2-for-1 potty training special right now and just do both boys 🙂 As for advice, I’ve got none…one was almost three and I was so frustrated…and the other potty trained herself before her second birthday.
    Why don’t you try putting Kai’s potty out in the living room where he could use it if he has to?

  2. Camille says :

    And by the way…before I had kids I used to say I’d never have grubby kids and they’d never go out in public without being dressed nicely and having their hair brushed…we all know how that’s working out for me 😉

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