i’m tired

Everett has had thrush for the last 2 weeks.  bummer…  So he has needed lots of snuggles and has really enjoyed being held.  All the time.  The house has been a disaster.   I took him to the doctor for some antibiotics and this time they didn’t really do the trick.  Kai had thrush quite bad and i remember the medicine working very quickly.  Anyways i started some probiotics yesterday, the bottle said it would take 3-4 days.  I hope it does the trick.

Ev is also maybe going through a growth spirt so he started on the bottle to help top him up when needed.  The extra milk has helped him be way more content through out the day, and helped him sleep more.  Which he needed, and me too!!

I think everything is getting better now as he is almost 6 weeks!  Things are getting into routine and work is starting to be resumed around here from like 1 year ago or so!!  hehe

The other day he started to smile- sigh…  I think it might be one of my favorite things about a baby.  That first smile just makes me melt and tear- he sees me now, he knows i’m the mommy, he knows i love him, and it is just awesome!!!

Being tired isn’t all that bad.


About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

3 responses to “i’m tired”

  1. Amanda says :

    Delee! I miss you!!! We just finally today got our internet hooked up and I had to sit down and catch you on your blog!! I LOVED it and please keep it going … we’ll have to stay in touch through the good ol web and of course visit if you’re in the Calgary Airdre area! Love you guys!

    • ddnoble says :

      I miss you too!! But i am very happy for you guys to all be together! I heard your new house is fab. Exciting!! Every now and then we like to go to Calagary to shop so we will have to look you up and come for a stay!!

  2. Jenna says :

    He’s such a sweetheart. So glad we got to meet you all at the wedding, and I agree that it had already felt like we had “met” because of the blogging. 🙂

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