My house, my house. My house, my house, my house!!

Eeeeeee!!  So exciting my house came on Thursday August 25!!  It took them 6 hours to come from Froud.  I thought it would have taken them way longer.

Look at this big ol’ dust ball rolling down the road!  Yikes.

This was so exciting to see.  Then at the same time very real, because i am thinking- what the heck are we doing??!!

Doesn’t this house look like a dump- yesh!  What you see is the back porch; when we left the house it still had it’s back doors!  The men chainsawed them off!!  Of course that is fine because they had to, but it looked like a dump rolling down the road with all the dust!!  And Joel and i spent many hours figuring measurements for the basement cut-out for those doors to sit in.  I laughed when i saw that they had just simply cut them off!!

What- i think thats the paparazzi!!

Nope- just uncle Barry( dad’s brother) and Darla.

We have 1/2 a km of driveway.  Joel watched for a good road to get to our house last winter and this is the one he made.  It had the least amount of snow all winter so we think it should hopefully be the least amount of work all winter even though it is longer.

The men had to “beef” up the center wall.  The house mover wanted it good and strong, so the doorways had to be sheeted and a few more supports/braces put up.

While they were doing the “beefing up” the house was very carefully being backed up into place.  We thought it would be slid on to the house from the east side to the west side but it had to go the other way!!  It was a tad bit frightening watching it go backwards down a hill on a narrow little area.  But he did it like a pro!

The house on the west side was as tall as the cab of the semi!  Everyone could walk right under the house with room to spare

Here they are putting on hurricane straps which hold the house to the basement.

This guy below with his hands in the air was directing both the other guys to move the house at the same time.

Well this was the last picture i took of the day.  Sorry no finished product- but i am about 2 weeks behind in showing you what else is going on up there so i will show you another day.  Just to let you know- its awesome!!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

4 responses to “My house, my house. My house, my house, my house!!”

  1. missy says :

    delee – this is AWESOME! So excited for you.

  2. Camille says :

    So awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures…I can’t wait to see what this house “becomes.” You guys will make this house such a great home!

  3. Aunt Tam says :

    That is a nice looking old house! It looks bigger than I thought it would be. I’m happy for you that it is safely in place, and with some hard work, you will make it a beautiful home for your family. You have a nice touch, Delee, and look at what you did with your little humble mobile home! Can’t wait to see what you two will do with the new house. Happy renovating!!

  4. Barb says :

    Thanks for posting the pictures. I think this is so special and I look forward to watching the progress as you make this old house into the home it once was.

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