Fife Lake

I never want Joel to go back to work!!

We are having such a good time with him off on leave.  Our household seems for the most part surprisingly relaxed, even though there is a new baby, less sleep, and more new rules to enforce.

The boys are so, so, so awesome with Everett.

Cash wants to kiss him all the time, and check out his feet.  We were sitting together on the couch the other day and he needed to see Ev’s feet, then legs.  Before i know it Cash is kissing his knees.  I giggle at Cash and tell him how cute he is and that he is doing a really good job being careful with his little brother.  We kept watching cartoons a bit more and Cash starts kissing his own knees and giggling and telling me he is being careful, then goes to Everett’s knees and kisses them again.  It was so funny- Cash just loves him to pieces.

Kai is very good at helping me with Everett.  I was trying to make lunch this week and Everett needed to be held, well to finish to get dinner in the oven i needed to set Ev down.  So i laid him on the floor and asked Kai to help me by looking after Everett.  He is over there in a second down at his face just talking away to him.  Playing with his soother and trying to put it in his mouth was what i saw next, Everett was fussing a bit but he was fine.  Next i see tires and a car on his head, so i had to stop that and get that rule started and enforced!  Kai loves to sit with Ev beside him on the couch in the morning while he is watching cartoons, he is so mindful that Everett is there and very slow to move around him.   He just loves him so much!!!

I am so happy with how the boys are behaving around Everett.  I still keep a close eye on him when they are around him, but I want Everett to be used to them and i want the boys to be good around Ev.  More so i want the boys to enjoy him, love him and be involved in what is happening as Everett grows.

We got to go one evening to Fife Lake.  Joel and i have been talking about it for a month now, to just go over there and check out the water level.   So we hopped in the truck while our supper was cooking and away we went.  The water was supposed to be way up from all the rain we had this spring, and it was.  The beach was actually really nice, the sand was plowed, the water was not too skudsy and the grass was mowed.  The boys had fun walking the beach throwing in sand and after we went to the playground.

Why don’t we do this more often???

How hard is it really to just hang out together with your family.  Driving somewhere that is only 30 minutes away and spending 2 hours tops where ever you go.  I guess we feel we need to go on a big holiday to do something familyish, instead of just a park or something out of the house for a small amount of time.  Oh man, it is just so easy to turn on the TV or do some work or send the kids to do their own thing or, or, or…

A dad’s job- to teach your children bad tricks!!

Well we need to do more small family activities.  Because do you know why- let me tell you why.  It was sooooo relaxing, we were all having so much fun playing around.  The kids were so awesomely good, and they loved the mom and dad full attention time, they need that time and we put them off way to often.

Wow that was a little longer than i thought!

So to sum everything up- we had a blast at Fife Lake the other nite and i love Joel being home!!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

One response to “Fife Lake”

  1. debb kemp says :

    I love this blog!!!! and can you put a boat in the water there?

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