Stuffed Peppers


We love these so much, i wish i would make them more often.

6 peppers

1lb ground beef

1/3 c diced onion

S & P

1 can of diced tomatos

1tsp Worcestershire sauce

1/2 c uncooked rice

1/2 c water- i don’t use this much- maybe more like 1/3 c water

1 c grated cheese- i use marble

2 cans of tomato soup- i only use 1

This is how i make them.

Cook the rice- 1/2 c rice to 1c water

Cook the hamburger and the onion together.  S & P to your taste.

Add the Worcestershire sauce, tomatos, the cooked rice, the cheese, and 1 can of tomato soup.

Cut the tops off the peppers- i use the pepper packs so i have never tried with green ones- i have heard they are good too.

Put 3 peppers in a bread pan this way they will stand if the bottoms are pointy.

Stuff as much mixture as you can possibly get into the pepper and pile a little bit more on the top!

Cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour at 350*.

The tops get a bit crunchy with the hamburger, but it is just right for me.  Then we eat them with lots of sour cream!  YUM.

When i make this i freeze half in individual bags- one for each pepper.  It freezes really well.  Then i have a super simple meal made and ready to go.

I am not very good at taking the pictures of the finished products!!  I guess i am ready to eat when its done!!

This is another way which i have never tried because i am scared.

Combine everything raw and mix.

Use the whole 1/2 c water in the mixture.

And still only 1 can of soup.

Suff the peppers.

Then take the 2nd can of tomato soup and a smidgen of water to thin it and pour over the top of the peppers.

Bake until done- a little over 1 hour.

This way sounds even easier but sorry i can’t vouch for it.


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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