Joel built the boys a sandbox!

It is mostly rocks and gravel and some sand, but it is super good.  The boys were so happy to get it made they played off and on in there while it was being built and then we let the boys play late in the evening.   It was such a nice nite Ev came out all evening too, and we had a nice relaxing time together.

The boys really liked playing in the wagon once the sandbox was full.  Maybe we should have just left the dirt up there!!

I am so in love with my family.  They make me swell up with so much love i could just pop!!

Joel is such a good dad to the boys, and he does everything for me and more.  Right now Joel is on parental leave from work so we are super spoiled right now.  He has so much time for us and is doing so many things around the yard and house that have been needing to be done.  Like the wonderful sandbox!

I enjoyed watching the coal miner show off how to use all the equiptment!!  He was showing the boys what he does at work and pretending to be loading coal!!  So cute.

It has been raining here again, the rainy weather took a month off in July but decided to come back.  So we are back in rubber boots and jackets as the weather has cooled off quite a bit too.  Gotta love the running bikes!!


About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

2 responses to “Sandbox”

  1. trinac says :

    Jesse is sitting here with me and is quite enamoured by your yard – he totally wants to come and play!

    • ddnoble says :

      We have started calling it the playground! It is so much fun for the boys since we don’t get to town to play there. We would love to have him and the girls come and play!!

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