i just need one!!

We haven’t had a family picture since last June and we have changed!  So i decided we needed just one.  It is way harder than you think.

1- you need a remote (mine is currently out of batteries)

2- you need to learn how to set the multi timer (which i forgot to learn)

3- you need to have patience with the photographer (me)

4- you need to have a happy hubby who likes to get his picture taken (which i don’t have- but the one i do have tolerates a couple pictures now and then)

5- you need to not have a big fat baby belly if you are going to run back and forth between pushing the timer (me again)

These are the results.

I was setting up shop and trying to get the settings how i wanted them.  Out of the million i took of the 3 of them, i think i actually like this one and i did not even mean to get them!  Yeah me!

Round em’ up.  I got the settings how i want them but now they are tired of waiting!  ug…  There was way more ridiculous pictures of us but Joel and i were way to scowlly to show you!!

This is why we were scowlly-

D- runs back to the camera and tries to check the snap shot in the bright light  “Joel you need to look happy.”

J- “I am looking happy!” as he is trying to keep hold of the 2 busy boys running in the grass- quite happy to be free i might add

D- “Well you are not smiling, you need to look happy so this goes faster!!” a little bit louder now as i am panting from running back a forth now 3 times and tired of it BUT i need a good picture

J- next picture absolutly stone cold face

D- anger

D- “ok this is the last one, happy family faces on everyone!”

” Boys- sit down with your dad and SMILE!!!  Hurry up so we can go!”

EVERYONE- “Cheese! We are happy!”

Everything is set up but as you can see i feel a little bit lonesome out there by myself.  Because i was running back and forth pushing that stupid timer button.  Oh well it is good enough for a snap shot and i think one of the only pictures i have of my baby belly!

We are Happy!  hehe!!


About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

4 responses to “i just need one!!”

  1. Amanda says :

    Delee … u simply are the sweetest! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE ur blog!

    • ddnoble says :

      hey amanda i tried phoning you on sunday to come to cash’s birthday. too bad i missed you- so now i will have to invite you early for kai’s birthday! his birthday is on aug 10 but i have no idea of anything more than that!! haha i will talk to you later!!

  2. Camille says :

    Ahh…you got a good one!

  3. Aunt Tam says :

    The result was excellent! I love it!!

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