This old house…

I have big dreams for this old house! Ones that include us having big wrestling matches in the living room, eating breakfast together, having a house full of family for christmas and other get-together holidays.  I have dreams about waiting for the school bus and hollering at the boys to hurry up because i see the bus coming!!  I dream about having our rocking chairs on the deck and watching the sun go down.  I dream about all of the memories we will be making together as we grow together as a family and it really excites me!

BUT!! I also dream about wonderful paint colors and flooring and light fixtures and doors and knobs and cupboards for the kitchen and the laundry room and how that will be fabulous and the bathroom tub… just to name a few things i am dreaming about.  hehe… can you tell i am getting excited!!  I have about worn out my excitedness with Joel though, because he is thinking about numbers and nails and cement floor pouring and finishing the inside sheet-rock and the roof leaking and the furnace room placement and the sump pump and…- BORING!!  My things are way super more exciting i think!!

The basement is 1 more day of work away from being done, Joel has been doing a perfect job of everything!  Last week we went to the house to measure a basement cut out-notch thingy for the 4th time.  We are done measuring, i really hope.  We saw the house mover the other day on the highway and it got me excited and nervous to have everything finished, but i feel we are almost ready though.

So right now i dream away of what will be…


About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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