Well i am back!  Sorry about the disapearence!!

We went to VBS in Bengough this last week.  It was a blast, i look forward to it every year for 25 years now!  And someday i hope the boys look forward to it as well!  There was kids classes and a ladies class in the morning, then every evening Bob Lewis a man from Colorado, USA would speak.  His lessons were awsome!  We were a very busy bunch this week- i was happy to have my camper at mom’s house so that we did not have to drive as far everyday- twice!!  And also so that everyone could look after me- i mean the boys!!











Here are a couple shots of the kids at VBS- i have a couple more to share but can’t find them right now.











Here is the boy’s class- i think this was the only day that they stayed.  My kind mom got some sweet girls, kirstin ross and mandee hoimyr (my cousins!) to look after the boys all week when they would not stay in class.  It was so nice to sit and enjoy ladies class knowing they we having fun and being taken care of everyday!  I loved it!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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