Help me, Kai.

Tonite the boys were playing quietly together with their train set.  “Help me, Kai.  Help me, Kai.”  came out of Cash’s mouth.  He was wanting a piece of track taken apart.  I froze, could i have heard that right. “He did not ask me or want me or care that i was there.” was the first thing i thought.  Then i smiled; watching them co-operate and play together is what Joel and i dream about.  No screaming, stealing toys, pushing, pulling, hitting one another with the closest object, or tackling.  Just beautiful working together to build their train set.

Tear…  My babies are growing up.  We work very hard each and everyday to teach them to love one another; and to love and respect us as the mommy and daddy.  Tonite in those 2 small sentences i felt so much love, and excitement to watch them grow up to be best friends.













About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

2 responses to “Help me, Kai.”

  1. Amanda says :

    Dee! this is the cutest blog EVER … it made me all goosebumpy reading it. I totally relate to trying the utmost to raising our young ones as loving respectful children … and to see them look out for each other is heart melting and makes you feel like you are on the correct path! Being a parent is such an incredible responsibility and is so rewarding … truly a gift that only God could have thought of! You guys are such awesome parents! It just shines through the boys!!! … I admire you in all possible ways, and love the boys to the moon and back!!!

  2. Camille says :

    Ahh…brings a tear to my eye! I miss you guys so much! Hope to see you soon!

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