My favorite…

This is my favorite flower in my garden.  The color of the leaves is just wonderful light green, and the flowers in bloom are absolutely gorgeous!!  – ooo i just love it!!

Brace yourself this is only the first bloom!!

Tonite i spent sometime unwinding it from itself, it grows quite quickly and last week was hot, hot, hot so away it went.  I was not thinking about it falling over when i left. Clematis need a net to climb or trellis i have neither.  I have an old bed headboard and it is not tall enough so i should of had a net for it to continue up.  But i didn’t.

I think the plant is truly awesome GOD is amazing.  And the only thing i was looking at tonite is how this plant can tie itself around things, i am not even thinking about the rest of the world!  Sometimes GOD’s awesomeness just smacks me across the back of the head!!  Like “Wake up Delee and look around at what I have given you!”


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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