Dalton Graduated!!

On the 28th of June Dalton graduated!! So exciting!  We pulled our camper to Western Christian College and ‘Camped’ in the parking lot- mom and dad had their camper too.  It was 34*C out; so,so hot!  The boys went through 2 outfits and by the end of the day just went naked!  Yes we are hillbillies!!  By the supper the boys were pooped out from the heat, no naps and being confined to a small area.  I was dito with them!  So Joel went and got us a new great camp spot- the Ramada-!!  Ahhh.. my kinda camping!!  The next morning we were refreshed and ready to go to Nickle Lake.













Dalton looked good in his tux, and Paige ( Dalton’s girlfriend) had a purple/plum dress on.  She had it made for her from a pattern she bought online; it was like circa 1950-1960?  I think, anyways it was beautiful.

I am so excited for Dalton’s future!  He is going to do so awsome at whatever he pursues in life.  I am so blessed and proud to have him as a ‘little’ brother!

Here we are- arn’t we getting big!!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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