Go house Go!!

3 exciting days in a row!!

Yesterday Joel and dad spread, shoveled and raked out all of the gravel that goes in the middle of the footings.  It looked like so much work, and there was alot of gravel to move.  Just as they finished a big rain came through- BUT it is ok now because the gravel is there and the floor will not get muddy!!  Yipee!

Today Joel, Ron, and Joel (my brother-in-law) built on of the big walls (44ft) in the scorching sun and no wind!  They came in at supper tonite very dark, red and tired, i feel bad for them.  The sun is so hot and tiring to work in, so they are pooped out now.  I am so excited!!













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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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