Spending money!

Well the rain has been crappy.  There is nothing nice to say about it for house building.  But we have all the lumber etc… to build the basement now and the gravel truck came the other day with 24 yards for us!  All the gravel will go in the basement floor and then they pour the cement floor over top of that.

So now we are praying for the sun to shine, strong winds to blow, and NO MORE STINKING RAIN!!

I am a sucker for rocks, and these shiny sparkly rocks are soon going to be forgotten in my wonderful basement floor.  I thought i would give them a small pedestal for a moment, so they can be thanked properly.  Love you rocks!!















Well this was a good long day!  The boys were super helpers as you can see!

First Joel had to dig all the way around the footings in the morning; they were full of mud from all the rain we have had.  That was not exciting.  By the end of the day Joel, Ron and the boys had the weeping tile in and covered.   What a good days work.

And what was my job you were wondering??  The most important of all of course- supervising from my lawn chair and handing out very important useful information!!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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