These last couple days i have been in a rhubarb groove!  yum. Oh also a freezie one! Double yum. Grandma Beulah has lots in her garden and the other day she brought me a bag already cut and washed bless her heart!  So i made some Rubarb Butter.  I had to go raid Camille (my sister-in-law) for a bit more to make a crisp that is my mom’s recipe.  I also want to make some Rubarb-Strawberry Freezer jam this week.  It looks easy enough.

I decided that i would most likely not be canning in August and following months when i have a new babe.  So i better get a jump start on it now.  I love canning.  WHY??  I don’t know i just do.  Maybe it makes me feel productive, and i can say look at what i have just done.  BUT then turn around to see that the rest of my house is a huge complete disaster!!  No word of a lie. I  have a huge list of things that i want to can but have not done so yet.  Which is usually the case!!  To many other productive tasks to do!!

All done!  That was easy eh.  Now for the toast…


Here is mom’s recipe for the crisp-

4c rhubarb

1c sugar

2T cornstarch

Cook this all together until it looks good and soft.

Pour it into a dish 9×9 maybe?


2/3c flour

1c brown sugar


1/3c firm butter

Mix this up into crumbs and dump over the top of the rhubarb.

Cook at 350* for 30-40 minutes- until it is bubbly and looks good.

Cool a bit and eat with ice cream- try to get mostly crumb topping!!

Haha!  That is all you get to see.  We ate it before i took a picture and even then to take a picture of this it was a struggle.

Delee to Joel as he has this dish in his hands with a spoon- “are you going to eat that?” -meaning those few crumbs you see

Joel- “ya, why?”

D- “well i need a picture, and i wanted to take one tomorrow when there was better light.”


D- “yes of that!”

J- “well i want to eat it, so you need to take a picture now.”

D- “fine. grrrr….” -more grumbling and complaining about the light. and taking a crazy flashy picture!!

Hope you enjoy!!!



About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

5 responses to “Rhubarb…”

  1. Camille says :

    I’ll bring you some more when I come this week if you want it. I’m not using it right now. And the dialogue over the picture of the crisp made me laugh! 🙂 And…you are far more productive than any person I know!

  2. Amanda says :

    Delee! this blog conversation totally cracked me up! Keep blogging, cuz I love snooping on it … you do a fantastic job!

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