Mini indies

I want one!!

Dalton was racing these mini indies yesterday in Regina.  There was probably 8 teams or so- i never counted.  It looked like so much fun to do.  The race was set up for juvenile diabetes, though i am not really sure how.

This is what we came up on at the races.  Poor Dalton having to change his motor out for a slower one because his one that he had running like a top was at 6000 rpm and they only allowed 4000 rpm!

So he worked on that for a while and then after a bit when he was missing out on the races decided to join another team.

Dalton gained on them in this race and won 2nd place!  They did around 10 laps a race and would have to do a small pitstop in the middle.  The pitstop was change a tire and a driver and so Dalton was able to make time up when he was the 2nd driver!!

The fan club!!  I love that they love Uncle Dalton!

The last race they did 20 laps and no pitstop or driver change.  Dalton was the driver and he smoked em all!!  Thats my boy!!

More fan club!  If you look close on the picture below you can see Kai has a piece of grass in his mouth and Cash was looking for one too!!

Well the boys had lots of fun watching and playing in the tall wet grass.  Hope to watch again next year!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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