Rain rain go away…

Wow!!  We came home tonite from mom and dad’s house and the water was everywhere.  It has rained so much here this spring that any little drop that comes down now just sits on top of the ground and runs away.

Today we had a big rain storm and the water is going over the roads all over the country side.  So crazy!  Kai just wanted to go in the water and play!  We told him it was too cold and dangerous.  In some places it was rushing over the road!

It is going to be a disaster here in the next couple of days!!

But the ducks will be happy!!

These pictures don’t really do justice.  It was way more exciting driving home in this than it looks!  Here the water is up on the running boards of our truck, and we drive a 3/4 ton 4×4!!  This was right around mom and dad’s house.

This is one of our neighbors who only lives 2 miles away from us.   He has major big culverts that are by his yard that take the spring runoff to the dam that is used for the power plant.  They can’t keep up with the amount of runoff for the rain!!  Once again the picture might not look that exciting to you.

OK- this picture is fuzzy but it is the water pouring over the road!!  eeek!!

This is my other neighbor who lives really close to us!  I think they are on an island!!

Rain rain go away… please come back in August.


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

2 responses to “Rain rain go away…”

  1. Trina says :

    That is crazy! We have been getting lots of rain too, but haven’t had any flooding like out there. Mike wanted to know if any of the farmers were going to get crops this year. That is a lot of water.

    • ddnoble says :

      Most of the farmers around here have got like 90% or more in. Dad just has a bit of flax left- 3 fields i think. BUT uncle ed in stoughton has not got one seed in yet. that area has been declared a disaster area!! So crazy it can be that different in 2 hours of driving.

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