I lOVE my camper!!

Here is my super awesome camper!!  I love it so very much!

Last year Joel and i bought it super cheap and gutted it. EEEK! Half way through the project i became a little bit scared.  I wish i had taken pictures because it is hard to believe how bad it really was.  Joel took part of the wall apart and replaced the water rotten studs, and part of the roof.  We replaced the floor with laminate.  Joel made me a really nice counter top out of a butcher block type wood, it looks so so nice almost my favorite thing i think.  And we painted 4 coats of white paint everywhere!  Oh and i made all new curtains in a fabulous blue paisley, recovered the table cushions in a cream vinyl, and made a new cover for the couch!  The fabric in the camper is my favorite though it is so much fun!
























Behind the mirror is the bathroom, but i will not show you because it is yucky!  We have not done a single thing to it yet, we are not really sure what to do.  But it is clean and useable so that is good for me- for now.

We are so very pleased with how it turned out!  I love using the camper, it makes me so very happy!

Don’t you love the counters!  The backsplash was in the camper, i want to put a new wallpaper in but have not found the right one yet.

Well that is my camper, so much fun hey!!

Here we are May long weekend.  We really wanted to test her out for the first time of the and couldn’t wait any longer.  It was pouring rain when we went but we thought it would be something to do that the boys would enjoy.  And they did.


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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