Baby’s coming

Yesterday i had my baby check-up.  I gained 3 pounds, i always think is that it?.. it feels like 100 pounds!  Everything in my body feels like it is getting heavier, i am getting slower and more behind.  I know my hips are getting ready because the penguin walk has about begun and i need a pillow at nite between my knees. My shirts are about to be grown out of! The baby has slown down now from a really fast kick boxer to a slow graceful figure skater. Just rolling along my belly smooth and slow.  At the Dr. office  i found out i am 32 weeks! I never ever keep track of how many weeks or months i am, and women always ask me “oh, how many weeks are you?”  “um” is usually my response!  So i have now started the count down!!

Nothing has been done to prep for this poor little soul.  Kai we had named and things sitting all over the place waiting with such anticipation we could hardly contain ourselves.  Now life is busier and this precious one is just riding along.  Waiting to make his big appearance, hoping we will be able to catch him!!


Here i am.  I was going to have a shower and do my hair and be clean but when i looked in the mirror i thought good enough!  So i washed my face, brushed my teeth, and changed my shirt!

And yes i am standing on the toilet lid!  It is the only place in the house where i have a full mirror !


About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

5 responses to “Baby’s coming”

  1. Camille says :

    You didn’t even tell me that you had a blog….Yay…something else to read 🙂

    • ddnoble says :

      I haven’t told too many people yet i don’t think- I wanted it to look like i have had this for a long time!!! hehe

      Thanks for reading!!!

  2. Camille says :

    Seriously….5:17 a.m. ?

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