My greenhouse

This year i decided to grow my own herbs because 1. i could by all the seed for the price that it would cost me to by one plant, and 2. i love gardening.  I planted my plants on April 20th and i think it was a few weeks late.  They look like weinies compared to the greenhouse herbs.  Everytime i get to the city i struggle with buying  the herbs.  I want some big ones RIGHT NOW!!  and i have BBQ recipes that want them too, RIGHT NOW!! 

But along with many things i am learning patience. ugh.

So it looks like by fall i will be able to use them.














These 3 herbs in the tins i hope to keep over the winter-  there is Thyme, Rosemary, and Basil.  The first 2 i think i will be able too, but i am not sure how long the Basil lives/lasts for.

I feel a little bit bad for the boys because i have taken over their play spot by the window.  As it has turned into my greenhouse!  Maybe next year i will really get one, i just want a small cute glass greenhouse.  And i think my coal mining hubby should be able to whip one up for me, hehe.  We will see who gets their own way!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

2 responses to “My greenhouse”

  1. Trina says :

    Both my Basil and Rosemary took a while to get going (like I planted them last year, and used them a few times between then and now), but now they are crazy big! This spring was when they really took off and likely need to be transplanted into bigger pots, or cut down and dry the herbs for later. I love having them there for whenever I need a few snips. Rosemary foccacia bread is one of my favorites to bake.

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