Git ‘er done

This weekend was a whirlwind of events-

My niece and family came from Saskatoon for her 3rd birthday!  And our other cousins and family from Assinaboia came too!!  The kids were up at 6:30am and going strong, by 10:30am they were pooped out and tired.  We had the birthday party planned for 12-  which was also the same time we had the cement truck coming to pour our basement footings.   Our cement guy, Doug (my brother-in-law) was out there at 5am bless his heart getting the footings made.  Dalton (my brother) was there at 8am and my Joel (my coal mining hubby) who just came off a nite shift at 8am was there by 8:15am.
















All morning i was trying to run back and forth between places- feeding men and then scrambling back to enjoy having the cousins here for the weekend.  Then celebrating a birthday, and ok getting the yard ready for a group of 20 bikers to come and stay the nite. The bikers were totally Sandy’s (my mom-in-law) job/company- but as we live in the same yard the busyness of having everything just right floats over to my house.

There are 6 cousins now in total, all under 4, all everywhere.  We rushed through a cute Minnie/Mickey Mouse themed party.  I was looking at all the pink wrapping, and pink toys thinking about how my life is going to be without all that pink.  And that was all my thinking allowed as i snapped back into reality catching the boys in the cupcake icing, taking the little figurines off the tops, on the table, on the counter.  They were helping themselves to the presents and opening them, and on top of that loud and noisy.  YIKES..  Well, all turned good as it does and they went to bed for naps.














 The bikers were here by 5:30ish and it was exciting.  Ron and Sandy’s yard looked like a park as it is so nice and green.  Then there were tents set up everywhere and a nice row of 20 shiny bikes.  I am disapointed that i forgot to take a picture. Sorry.  It was alot of fun and visiting had by everyone- but my coal mining hubby who had to go back for another nite shift.  Too bad.

  Kai and Cash absolutely love their Uncle Dalton.  They also love his noisy truck, noisy dirt bike, and noisy street bike.  Yep, they are definitely boys!!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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